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I was wondering if anyone has a basic sondweb file from a working system that I could look at. I am trying to figure out how it works and how to setup systems and would like to see how some people have set theirs up.



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A second vote for that online training. The main theatre in the town I moved to last September uses Soundweb and a run through that course set me up nicely to understand how it works.



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Have you done the Soundweb training? It's comprehensive and invaluable if you want to start playing with designs.





Is there any training like this for the older green soundwebb units? 3088ii I think. ??


If you PM me with your email, I could send you some files that might help. I wrote some basic "how to" files for the launch of the Soundweb Lite the SW3088, that show some basic set-ups and how to do simple logic switching for fire Alarm interfacing, using the analogue "shrimp" wall panel and basic programming of a network Jellyfish control panel etc. They may still be up on the BSS website but I'll be honest I don't check anymore.


Hope that helps



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