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Dip switches


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dip switches for lighting fixtures are usually in binary code, you can look this up but basically it's switch 1 =1, sw 2 =2, sw3=4, sw 4=8, sw5 =16, sw6=32, sw7=64, sw8=128 & sw9=256( the value doubles each time). Sw10 is usually used for other purposes, you can get any number up to 512 by combining these values, so, for DMX address 1 just set switch 1 to the on position, if you want a DMX address of 6 use sw2 and sw4 whose values add to 6 and so on!!!!


DMX fixtures do not run from your dimmer channels but are usually on hard power. Each function of your fixture will use a channel such as dim, colour, shutter, pan, tilt etc. You should know how many channels your fixture uses for all its' functions. If you have a fixture that takes 16 DMX channels such as a larger moving head, just use the address of the first number in the series for that fixture but do remember to allow the full 16 channels before adressing your next fixture! If you want two fixtures to do the same thing just give them the same address. If you have a half decent desk usually the generic channels are the first addresses i.e. 1-24 so you start the dimmers on these channels then assign the other fixtures from 25 onwards. please bear in mind this info is basic and for larger rigs it can get a little more complicated but this is the basics!!


Depending on the desk you have, you will also have to assign the personality information for the fixture but you will need to see your manual for instructions on that.


hope this helps!

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