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Decibel Meters


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We receive a large number of touring shows. I would like to buy a type 2 decibel meter for noise level monitoring and noise assesments as required by the noise at work regulations. Could anyone reccomend any meters and calibrators please?


Many thanks for your help

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Have a look at meters by Castle and CEL. B&K meters if you have loads of money (if they make a type 2 that is).

There are lots of companies out there that do them, if they meet the standards they are all the same except for features.

Is there anything special you need: integrating sound meter (for time averaged exposure readings, which it sounds like you probably want), pc connection for datalogging?

Do you have a rough budget? It's not too hard to spend £400 even on a type 2, and calibrators cost £150 upwards mostly.

Have a look around the RS website for examples of what is available.

The only ones I have used heavily have been Castle GA series meters (both type 1 and type 2 integrating). I have always found them to be reliable and robust.

Also bear in mind the cost of periodic calibration by the manufacturer if you require a certificate, although this is less likely with the uses that a type 2 generally gets used for.

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