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+4dBu balanced line level to UNBALANCED mic level for a camcorder

Dan Gruner

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I have a client that needs to connect an aux send out of a small desk into a "domestic" camcorder's mic input. The output of the desk operates at +4dBu balanced 150 Ohm and the input of the camcorder is mic level, unbalanced on a horrible 3.5mm jack socket.


It looks like this little unit from Canford HERE will do the job - its a 60 dB balanced attenuator. I assume the attenuator will not mind operating into an unbalanced input, or should I just leave pin 3 floating (not sure on these passive units)? I shall make up a short cable to take the attenuator's output to both channels on the camcorder's stereo 3.5mm mic socket.


I should be able to deal with a simple thing like this myself, but any pointers from people will be gratefully received!



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The mic input may have a polarising DC voltage on it, for use with cheap camcorder mics. Your little desk may object to this being present on its output (though shouldn't).


Might be worth chucking a DC blocking capacitor in there just to be safe.

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