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Micing Glasses......


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If you read that mic list from bottom to top, you have a technical illustration of "from the sublime to the ridiculous". Or, put another way, from "very nice mic to screachy rubbish".


Good luck!



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I can't believe I'm saying this, but of the list, I'd probably go with the C1000s, simply on the basis that if they get munted they are the least costly to replace.


Edited to add: Preferably with something else!

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Just back home...

Was much better than I thought! A nice client who "over hired" to give me choise! How rare is that!?!?


It turned out to be very different to the information I´d been given.


The "instruments" were large perspex bowls 70ish% filled with water. Throughout the peice (named "another form of a glass of water"), various procusion instruments were played, semi submerged, or water was poured into it, or upturned glasses used to create a drumming sound and water slapped with a leather paddle etc...

These needed a little fader playing as at some moments they were played SUPER quiet just moving the water with fingers... while another musician is playing other classic instruments... or by drumming upturned pots inside the water.... a very large range in strength of sound in one mic....


The 2nd group of instruments were large cylinders of perspex equally filled with water, with a longer thinner tube of perspex placed inside...

it was plaeyed by "slapping" the open end with a rubber paddle... and the tube moved in and out the water to create different notes.... imaging a water woble board type sound..


I ended up putting the 451.s at the large bowls and the c3000.s on the tubes.


Client was well chuffed and all went well..

Wasnt to bad a peice either!

(photo to follow.... cameras in the car and I aint getting it now saying I start a HUUUUGE rig at 7am.)

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