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Art-Net to run visualiser help?


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Is anyone conversant with Art-Net?


I'm trying to do something that appears to me to be quite simple, I'd like to connect my MagicQ PC on my laptop to the Lightconverse Visualiser (or any other visualiser) on my desktop.


I'm assuming that I don't actually need any sort of DMX interface or my wing connected as I'm not needing to output 'actual' DMX anywhere, just Artnet out of laptop, over network, and artnet in on the visualiser.


I looked at the Chamsys instructions and changed the TCP/IP of my laptop to an Art-Net address (and set this in MagicQ) which connected to my network, I did the same for my desktop, but I'm now stumped as to how I actually get Lightconverse to pick up any of this. I've selected the correct Net universe in both apps.


I'm assuming that once set to the correct subnet, etc, MagicQ simply broadcasts the relevant universe output to the network, and the visualiser listens for any output that is on the same universe?


Please be gentle! <_<

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With regard to MagicQ broadcasting the Art-Net data, you are correct - once you have set the Out Type for the universe to Art-Net, set the Out Uni to the relevant Art-Net universe, and set Out Sub column to the required subnet (usually 0), when that universe is enabled then the Art-Net data will be broadcast over the network.


I've had a look at the LightConverse manual and the section on external console input is sketchy at best. All I can work out from the manual is that you need too set LightConverse into DMX Visualiser Mode Only (section 5 in the manual), but beyond that from a quick read, I can't see how to set what that input to the visualiser is, although someone else can probably help you with that!


Things to check with a setup like this (simple but you'd be suprised how often people forget them, apologies if you already have checked these!):


-If you're not using a hub and your network cards in the laptop and desktop are not Auto MDXing, make sure you are using a crossover network cable between the two.

-Check that you can ping both machines from each other (say for instance the laptop is and the pc is, check that if you go Start > Run and type in 'ping' on the laptop, you get a reply, and vice versa)


If you want to be sure that the packets are being received then you can install a sniffer program such as Ethereal on the desktop and analyse the network input.




Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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Thanks for the tips Matt. I can ping successfully from both sides so I know they can see each other.


I'll check out Ethereal, that would confirm if it's an issue with the data or the application.



Am also going to have a good play with your CITP Capture demo, at least the other half doesn't complain about our network being all 'funny' due to all the I.P. address changes then! <_<

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1. You can use ArtNet in LightConverse with license NetIn, Net, Video, Unlimited.

2. After successfully patching fixtures to Net universes and running software in Visualization only mode you will see the DMX monitor picture at the screen bottom:


3. LightConverse not needed any additional network settings, except firewall, correct IP and correct network cable.


Hope it helps.

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