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Your experience with LASER WORLD


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What is your experience with LASER world series of laser REVOLUTION and PRO???

Are they enough quality to make real laser show ( are they flicker free) ??'


Which power are enough for indoor medium show`s???



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You might like to go over to http://www.photonlexicon.com/forums/ and have a read of the sellers reviews about Laserworld.


It depends on what you call a 'real' laser show. Are you talking about beam shows or graphics? 12-20k scanners will do fairly good beam shows, and will do graphics albeit with flicker. 30k+ scanners are required if you really want to do flicker free, or near flicker free graphics. Complexity of the graphics will affect this quite a bit. A lot of this also depends on which software and DAC you use. I've found Pangolin gives better results than my old software and DAC, even at the same scanning speeds.


Photonlexicon is also a pretty good resource for most things 'laser' especially if you fancy building your own.

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