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text based fixture files


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Does anyone know what desks use text files to hold their fixture information? I know that the 520 does and how it works and I have an idea that the Hog II does, but what other ones do?


I am planning to write a web site that will dynamically create your fixture files for you, and would like it to do it for as many different kinds of desk as possible - it will all come from the same main Database so should make lives much easier!


If anyone knows of any specs, or even specs of non text based files that I could bodge then that would be very useful..





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Don't really know the answer to your question, Richard. But I'll just point out that, strictly speaking, the main fixture library in a HogII lives in a ROM in the desk. The _lib.lib text file on a show disk is only used to adding additional fixtures that don't already exist in the ROM library. So you're not really wrong - but you're not 100% right either! :o
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When you download Hog PC in the Program File it has a file called _lib.rom

This may be helpful


Also in the program file of the OLE for the GrandMa if you go Ma Lighting Technologies>GlobData>New Fixtures, There are loads of text files with the names of fixtures.


You could also get some personalitites off the Zero 88 Fixture Personality Database.



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