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Roadhog Hire Price


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I just bought a new Road Hog and havnt thought of a list hire rate for it.


What is the going rate?


Im thinking $400AUD thats just a bit more then a Hog1k at list.


Too much, too cheap?


Keeping in mind that half the time everything goes out with a trade discount

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Base it off of the value of the desk combined with a number of other factors. One cannot just pull a figure out of the air and stick it on the item.


I have no idea how much the desk cost you, so I can't give you a figure. The right price for you will depend on how often you believe it will be hired, how quickly you want to recoup the purchase price and the market you supply.


It will also have to relate to the desks in both your stock and the competitors stock. For example, Show Technology have been pimping the grandMA a lot recently, so if I were to be bold, I would say that in the corporate arena, the gMA is the desk of choice in Australia, so in the gMA range, the Roadhog is probably roughly in the same product space as the gMA light or ultralight, so you will probably need to undercut it. For rock and roll, Hog is (AFAIK) still up there - so if you are primarily supplying to the music side, then you can probably afford to be a bit more expensive. Theatre is such a mish mash area at the moment that if your primary market resides there, you probably want to settle for a nice middle ground.

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