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Strand 520i Slaving

Sam Betts

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Hey All,

I have a Strand 520i in my theater. I have a dance company in who brought a Compulite with their whole show already written on it. Since the strand is outputting DMX via ethernet; I want to be able to take control of the first universe with the compulite by turning the fourth (hard-line) DMX out into an input.

Can anybody please advise?



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The first thing to ascertain is whether you have the Communique software on your 520i ... hit REPORT, and at the bottom, in the APPLICATIONS line, is COMPRO in the list? If it is, then you'd do best to refer to the "DMX In" section of the manual - basically, you have two choices ('dimmer' mode or 'channel' mode) both of which are explained in some depth in the manual.


On the other hand, if you don't have Communique installed on your desk, then (to be blunt) you've got no chance.

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