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Programming multiple chases into cue stack in MagicQ


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I'm trying to program several chases into one cue stack in the MagicQ software currently, and am having some problems.


To give an example of what I want, I have three chases, of two steps each programmed in as 6 cues in a row. I want the software to go back and forth between the first two cues, and when I press the go button, I want it to jump between the next two cues ( 3 and 4 ), and so forth.


How can I set up the timings so that the software will do this?


Ive had a look through the manual, and theres nothing that I can easily spot which helps me, and I've had a look around on google, but it tells me I'm spelling "cue" and "stacks" wrong ;)


Thanks in advance

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Hi Luke,


Below is a screenshot of what I think you're trying to achieve. Steps one and two in the cue stack are the first chase, steps three and four are the second, steps five and six are the third. To achieve this all you need to do is set the next cue ID of the last cue in the chase to go back to the first cue in the chase, and in the cue stack options (triple click the select or VIEW OPTIONS in the Cue Stack window), set 'Go jumps out of loop' to yes.




Best regards,


Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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Hey Matt,


Cheers for that! I was getting a bit stuck, as I know someone else had managed to do it before, and I'd got as far as getting the cue numbering to go back, I just hadn't found the view options > 'go jumps out of loop' :-D



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