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help with DMX


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hello all,

I am new to DMX,I play in a local band & have been given some DMX stuff as follows soundlab 36 chan controler SRC 144,2 ledj eco par lams & a littled thing ,some cables & no instructions looks good untill I put it all together but then all sorts of strange things happen any help out there for an old man.Thank you,Nick

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I believe this has been covered many times before. Search TBR (upper right hand corner), have a look on the wiki, and try this: http://www.onstagelighting.co.uk/lighting-...ghting-systems/


p.s Welcome to the BR!


Thanks for that I think my cans have 5 or 3 channels it seems there is a switch on the back I assume that my controller has only 4 channel sliders so I will need to use the 3 chan mode is this the case or can I use 5 chan & just not get full control.Again I thank you.I am reading a lot about DMX & when I get to grips with it the options are almost endless,thanks.Nick

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