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Royal Exchange Touring Theatre

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It has been mentioned to me about doing some work in the Royal Exchange's Touring Theatre and I wondered if anyone had any information about the theatre itself.


I am after information along the lines of if it comes with it's own lighting rig etc when it is hired to external companies.


Before anyone says contact The Royal Exchange, I don't want to do that yet as this project is at the being talked about stage at the moment and I don't want to pre-empt anything but wondered if anyone here had any experience with it.





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I worked on the build of this some years ago.

It is (was?) basically a copy of the manchester permanent venue and came with all its own bits and bobs. Sound. Lights. the lot. Nice people too. Self sufficient apart from bodies to load in and out. It was basically a circular in the round tent that could be put up indoors. We did it in a sports hall. Took a good crew a day to put together seats and all and came on the back of two trucks if I recall.

Presumably if it is available for dry hire these days you will have to sort your own lights and whatnot.

When we had it , it was touring the show they had at the time.



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