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BECTU Regional Technical pay increase of 3.5%

Stewart Newlands

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Ok I know It's art and underfunded but it all ways gets me, when talented multi skilled skilled workers in theatre get paid less.

Bills have gone up and up so people will get poorer, guess that's why I am not in theatre.



Just look at the contrast with the construction industry:




From and including 7th January 2008 the JIB hourly rates for Job Employed Operatives shall be:


(I) National Standard Rates Grade


Transport Provided Own Transport

Technician (or equivalent specialist grade) £14.02 £14.73

Approved Electrician (or equivalent specialist grade) £12.38 £13.08

Electrician (or equivalent specialist grade) £11.35 £12.06

Electrical Improver £10.21 £10.86

Labourer £9.01 £9.67

Senior Graded Electrical Trainee £10.21 £10.86

Adult Trainee £9.01 £9.67

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