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Zero 88 Dmux

Andrew C

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My Google-Fu has failed.


I'm fairly sure I remember a thread discussing why a Zero 88 Dmux starts flickering, including the display (So not a DMX problem). ISTR that the battery was one option, reseating chips another, and on the Zero site I've seen reference to the crystal failing.


Tried both the battery and the reseating of chips; can anyone remember the details of the thread, or offer any alternative failure modes?


I'm just off to "borrow" a temporary replacement, but unless we can fix the damaged one cheaply, we'll probably replace with a Botex costing £100 or so. (Sending it back to 0 probably isn't cost effective!)

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We had one that did that.


We did not realise what it was to start with until the display was witnessed. It had done it a couple of times for a fraction of a second over the preceding months. The time it was witnessed it continued its own little disco for quite some time. On this occasion the ambient temp in the control room was stupidly high.


(The back of our control room is made of dense concrete blocks painted black inside and outside, behind glass and facing perfectly to get maximum sun exposure...yes I know...)


We had 2 followspots in there and the fans we setup made no difference.


All the causes you mention were suggested to us and we hired a replacement but kept the offending unit in situ and running until a decision was to be made. On another silly hot day (and followspots again) later that week it did it again for ages and then stuck never to return to normal. So overheating seemed the likely suspect in our case.


We ended up getting a showtec/botex 72ch like you suggested as we decided it wasn't worth paying someone to tell us it was dead.

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