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More Martin Magnum 2000 Problems


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I have a magnum 2000 out on a job at the moment that will run flawlessly for a few days and then suddenly it will develop a fault.


the fault is that it will pump out at full power regardless what setting the remote is at. This is not a faulty remote as it will do the same thing whenn running a timer program.


if running a timer program of say 1 sec bursts low output every 20 seconds it will output full power 1 day out of 3 when first powered up, after leaving off for an hour or so it will return to the timer program of low output .


both of my machines have shown the exact same fault. the only thing different I notice when it is outputting wrons it when first switched on the power light flashes for a few seconds before coming on steady and heating up.


I hope this makes sense.


Cheers Dougie.

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Have you tried clearing the timer?


its not a timer problem afaik, both my machines did exactly the same thing.


with the timer programmed it would run the program at full power and if I unplugged it and left it a while and plugged it back in it would run the timer normally, without changing or reprogramming the timer

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