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DMX Based Video Recall


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In some ways its a bit like moving lights. When they first came into general use it was common for conventional lighting to be run from one desk and automated lighting to be run from another. But these days control has evolved such that both lights are easily controlled from a single desk. There are still cases where there is a split in control, but my perception is that this is somewhat less frequent now. From personal experience we went through a few shows with two desks running lighting and it was hard work to produce a well integrated show; it is so much easier with one console that is designed to do both.

You took the words right out of my mouth - well, I probably wouldn't have managed to word it as good as that, but its the sort of point I was gonnna make... it's natural for things and products to evolve, people will want to merge things to keep the workload down, what happens in the future? no-one really knows, products could be launched and flop... I'm happy to wait and see what technology is produced before deciding whether its good for the industry or not



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