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CDJ 1000 MK3 Error Message E-8709

Steve Cavill

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I've had a quick look on Google, which came up with the same problem from a guy in Australia.


The thread is HERE for those of you who want the background information.


It seems the OP didn't like the support he received, yet is very vague on what the problem actually is, and what may have caused it.


Does anyone know where I may be able to get this fixed, other than Pioneer UK.


I have fired off an email to Audio Labs in Leeds, as they have repaired a few of my Denon CD Players, and they're local(ish), but does anyone else have any recommendations?




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There's always the official Pioneer service centre in Oxford - Videotec, on 01865 245566. They're pretty speedy and have always had good service when we've used them for our CDJ units (1000s and 800s).


The Mk3 service manual suggests the following for the error:

* Communication error between operating section and main section

* Error in mechanical operations


although that's about it, with no indication of how this problem has occurred. Could be a faulty ribbon cable or something linking some of the internal PCBs, but probably best to get it sent off :D

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Yep Videotec are the main repair centre for Pioneer DJ (but not the only one for domestic stuff). Much of the later CDJ models (platter type) need specialists for all but the simple jobs, these machines are devilishly complicated to work on!
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