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Stage valancing


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hello blue room *waves*


We have been used to working with music promoters / dance events that don't really care about valancing for their stages, they just want everything as cheap as possible.


We are increasingly being asked for stages from other clients that require valancing, often at 6ft, and so I would welcome any ideas / suggestions / warnings about this whole thing. Many just ask for scrim, which is a term I am not really familiar with - I've looked the fabric up and it looks like it would be see-thru to me, plus I'm not sure about it's flame retardency. Could anyone advise me on this please? Also where to get it from.


I've looked into more permanent options using velcro and specially made sections that are inherently flame retardent, but it's quite a big investment and I am concerned that they would be difficult to clean.


Does anyone have any opinions on this subject please? I do realise that sometimes you just have to invest in these things and pass the cost on in the quote for doing things properly.

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Used to just use felt rolls and good ol staple gun.

start at the back of the stage and work round... fold the corners ontop of the stage surface before covering with carpet and hey-presto 1 peice stage valance.


cheap, easy and very fast for a half brained tech.


IF de-rigged with a little more sense than "just rip" can be used many times. especially if u for example, sell the same staging in the same size and orientation many times over.. store it neatly in a bag and mark what it is... and next time round it can be put back where it was with teh corners folded/cut as neccessary.

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Now this plan I like, thanks ceecrb1 :) Is it ok regarding fire retardency? I've never burned felt :D - does it just char? Obviously I would hope it wasn't ever a problem, but I would like it to be considered safe.
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