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Suitable DMX Lighting Software for me?


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Hi everyone


First post here so go easy on me, and sorry it's asking for advice!!!!


I've looked a several of the DMX lighting software packages available (Lightjockey etc.), and none of them seem to do what I want, so I thought I'd try here and see if anyone can help out.


Basically, I run a band consisting of drummer, sax player, guitarist, singer and keyboard player. All our music is locked to a sequence which handles the bass and currently MIDI based lights (just simple PAR cans and sound-to-light units). Additionally I do work for other clients where I hire lighting etc. out.


Now, what I'm looking for is a piece of software that can lock it's time to that of Cubase (which handles our sequences), and display lighting changes in a time-line based window (similar to how Cubase functions).


Now, IDEALLY I'd do EVERYTHING from Cubase (i.e. setup midi tracks to handle all light changes). I could do that now with a midi-DMX interface, but I want to be able to record definite lighting positions. What I mean by this is I want to be able to trigger an event that points a light at our guitarist. Every night the stage/room is different so I want to be able to say to the software "this is the postion of our guitarist", and all lighting positions referencing this position work accurately.


Would there be a way of handling colour/gobo/rotation etc. by sending midi commands from Cubase, AND using a piece of software where I sent commands from cubase to handle such position information?


Cheers and sorry for the complexity of the post, it's doing my head in!!



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Depends on how much you want to spend..


Many desks will allow you to take a MIDI command and use it to trigger either sequences or specific commands/macros (look for one that can hand Midi Show Control) - in this way you could set up either a cue list that you just step through via midi, or a load of different looks that are called/released by midi.


Most of this functionality is best developed on the more expensive desks, I don't have much experience with the cheaper PC-based lighting desks but I would expect that something could be done with one of them!

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Light Factory, distributed in europe by Zero 88, can take a MIDI signal and turn it into lighting cue triggers, effect triggers, or pretty much anything you could think of. A demo version is on our website, or for more information, drop me a line. Pricing starts at £299 including DMX Output hardware.
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Out of curiosity why do you use a MIDI track over a timecode track or are you talking about MIDI timecode? I only ask because as the developer of such a lighting controller (LightFactory) that supports both MIDI and various timecode formats I’m surprised that I need to keep supporting MIDI triggers. Timecode just seems a lot easier to me - I would be keen to hear your view on this.


Anyway sales pitch time...

LightFactory (www.lifact.com) is a controller that will do all you have mentioned including advanced position preset (change a position and the cue list follows without needing to update all the cues).


All the best with your decision,



Martin Searancke

LightFactory Software

Auckland, New Zealand


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... that supports both MIDI and various timecode formats I’m surprised that I need to keep supporting MIDI triggers. Timecode just seems a lot easier to me - I would be keen to hear your view on this.


As someone who uses both MTC and triggers... Timecode (or MTC) is handy when you have a master timing source, but not so handy when you dont. MIDI events are just a handy form of stimulus you can apply to a control system, from a contact, or a footswitch, or basically pretty much anything really. And the best feature is that it is widely supported.


The OP really ought to look at Bluelite X1 as well, its also a lo cost movers capable PC package with MIDI capability.

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I have used ShowCAD before but not with midi but it does have midi control and midi time sync. It can also output the DMX over ethernet for distribution over a network and for control over long distances as well as the normal DMX output, could be useful for future shows where you may want to hire in intelligent lighting.


Its also widely used and has an impressive user list including the Blackpool Illuminations.



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