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Crossover recommendation wanted


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Hi Folks,

I am doing some updates to my PA and have disposed of my RCF ART300s and replaced them with a pair of Martin Audio S12 sub units which I plan to use with my DAS DS-108 tops. I'm not sure if the S12's have a HF pass built-in?


I'm looking for a suggestion for a crossover which would work with this. Ampwise I'm using a Yamaha P1500 and Crown XLS602.


My options seem to be :


Martin M3 controller with F8 and S12 cards (expensive at around £400 + cards)

DBX Driverack - will this do 2-way and work with the DAS/Martin combo

DBX 223XL crossover - low cost option


Any thoughts? - I've always use 1x12 or 1x15 speakers and never subs so I'm not sure of exactly what I'm doing!




Andy ;)

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I'd recommend a look at the DCX2496. A very powerful box that could future proof you against further upgrades and offer some extra functionality like parametric eq and limiting (and dynamic eq if you're feeling adventurous!).
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Hey Andy


I swear by the DBX Driverack PA. It has everything you'll ever need for a stereo system up the 3 way.It is quick and easy to configure. You can also save different settings for each of your PA configurations.


I've even used them as inserts on channels at times (the feedback destroyer rocks).


An amazing bit of kit for the price.



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I once swore at the Driverack PA. In one fell swoop it cost me more in replacement drivers than the cost of the Driverack! (It's only the Driverack PA by the way, other models (more expensive) from the company are fine.


However, count me as another vote for the DCX2496. It hands-down beats anything alse near the price range...and to better it you would have to spend around three times the price--at least.



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