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Limit output on Fat Frog


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Does anyone know of a way to limit the DMX output of a single channel on the Fat Frog? I want 100% travel of the fader to output up to about 128 of DMX output to limit the rotation of a DMX projector shutter. I know other desks have the function to limit the output of a channel to less than 100% to prevent overloading of channels, but I can't find anywhere in the manual or the patch screens that would let me do it.


Thanks in advance




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Oh and yes - I do have LX tape but I was after a slightly more hi-tech solution if there is one! ;)

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Cheers Peter - thanks for the speedy reply and it's a good suggestion. Will do that!


Whilst you're about - the wheel group button on the desk I'm using doesn't appear to do anything (running 10.8.1). Was it reinstated in a later software release or does it do something different now? I can't put the latest release on and find out because it's a desk in a theatre that I'm freelancing in.

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Hi Paul


The Wheel Group button on the Fat Frog changed function in version 10 to a Tag/Untag button (as found on the JesterML) - the wheel group paging function you're used to is now found by pressing the attribute button multiple times (eg for the second set of Beamshape parameters, press Beamshape twice). Wheel Group is only used in Partial mode, where it shows the tag-state of each channel by holding down WHEEL GROUP and can be used to manually tag/untag parameters/attributes/fixtures by holding WHEEL GROUP and COLOUR to untag all colour parameters, for example. Tagged parameters are indicated by displaying a whole number, whilst untagged parameters are indicated by displaying --- above the wheels.


If you need any more help, please feel free to ask ;)




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