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Automated Lighting

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Hey, Im a student studying theatre life.....


iv been set an assigment where I need to find 4 different types of automated lighting....

I only have:

Moving Head





and also I have to:

Identify at least 4 manufacturers/suppliers of automated lighting equipment, giving a detailed explanation of their product range, history, popularity etc......




now I have these but im puzled how to like lay it down ......




if any one cud help I would appeciate it gratefully


cheers Matt

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You can add Scrollers to your list. Depends what they mean by different types - I.e moving head wash, moving head profile etc.


I'm guessing that by automated they mean with motors in it e.g. your list of moving lights, but if they mean automated as in running automatically/ autonomously then a lighting desk can be automated if running from an external time code/ Midi.


now I have these but im puzled how to like lay it down ......


eh? Is this jive talk :(


dentify at least 4 manufacturers/suppliers of automated lighting .....


You could google or use the resources on this website to gain direct contact with these companies. The wiki and FAQ - http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=3369 are good places to start.


More importantly, to head this of early, a lot of people (including myself) like good spelling and grammar. Please think about what you are writing and pose a well written question as you are more likely to get better results.

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Sorry chaps - but if you answer this question you will be guaranteeing him a distinction - and that is NOT on. I'm not being unfriendly, but thousands of people are answering this question without our help. In this example, any help we provide is unfair to these people - and, if the centre find out, or more importantly, anybody who could possibly work for Edexcel, who may have written those exact words the student is following, would be very miffed, and frankly - this is - in the form the question is posed - very worrying. If you reply - PLEASE keep the responses to general terms/advice/guidance - do not answer the question.


This is VERY awkward and I won't comment any further for reasons obvious to many - but please think about anything you post. Usually assignment help is generic, but this uses the exact criteria from the unit grading descriptors, so is dodgy. Paul

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