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Audiovisualbay.co.uk is a new web-based sales resource, that has been launched by Hertfordshire based event production company Universal Event Production (UEP)

It is designed to help companies of all types all around the world sell equipment they no longer use or need.

Audiovisualbay has been specifically designed for those with small to medium amounts of kit they want to move- anything from a single Par can to a complete trussing system.

Products available through Audiovisualbay.co.uk include Lighting, Sound, Data & Video, Mains, Rigging, Flightcases etc.



Sellers - Can contact the admin team via email or telephone giving details of the items they wish to sell, complete with a brief description, a couple of photo`s, item location, warranty information, and the target selling price.

The info is uploaded to the website and seen by thousands of potential industry professionals.


Buyers also contact Audiovisualbay by email or phone, detailing the items they want to purchase, They are put in direct contact with the seller and the purchase is then negotiated between buyer and seller.

On completion of the sale, Audiovisualbay invoices the seller a commision of 10% to cover running costs, advertising etc,

NO SALE - NO FEE Its that simple


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