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Glamorgan v. LAMDA

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Hi all,


Brief bit about me. I'm currently on my second gap year holding places at both Glamorgan to do Lighting Design and Technology and at LAMDA to do stage management. At school I was involved with the Shell Connections project which went to the Bath Theatre Royal and National Cottesloe. I've also been to the Cottesloe on a weeks placement. I'm involved in my local amateur dramatics group as lighting and sound tech and have attended various local youth summer projects. I've just been to my second NSDF, this year as a venue coordinator for the SJT(Stephen Joseph Theatre).


My question is regarding the places I'm holding at Glamorgan and LAMDA. I'm unsure which to take.

I can think of pro's and con's for each but was looking for some views from people within the industry or who attend these schools.


Glam pro's:

- degree

- better grants and loans available to me

- focus on lighting.. will get the chance to train in film, tv and architectural lighting and not just theatre.


- not london

- reputation not as prestigious as LAMDA's

- no sound training


LAMDA pro's:

- london based

- 2 year course... enter industry quicker

- option to follow sound and construction as well as lighting

- fantastic reputation


- actually works out more expensive

- no option to move in to film or tv as easily (as far as I can see)


Anyone with any views or anything else that may help me in my decision.





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Hi there


Im currently still a full time student, next year im gunna be part time and hoping to get a part time job as a theatre tech, ive been looking at uni's for some time, and had found Glamorgan a while ago, I really like the sound of the course then and the location!

Sorry going off topic a bit here, but you say u've applied etc,

wats the application process like? did you have an interview?

have u been around the campus?

and do you know much other information about the uni or course other than whats on the website?

Im hoping to go look around at there next open day in July.


Ive not heard of LAMDA before, but the course sounds good as well, altough I think I want 2 specialise in lighting.





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