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Ashly Audio Protea 3:24CL


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Hi BL,


Im currently going through the process of building a pair of new amp racks for the PA at work. I've decided upon the QSC PLX2 Range of amps (as the budget doesnt quite stretch to MC2 or Labs), and I'm now looking out for crossovers for the racks. The manafacturer of the Cabs reccomends (and deals) Ashly Audio Crossovers, and I was wondering if anyone here has had any expirience with these as I've never come across the brand before. Any Pros/Cons would be appreciated!




Ian Williams

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Im guessing that your purchasing shermann cabs ? the ashleys are fantastic units, well built, solid and reliable

Dont rate the PLX2 to be honest, or the PLX 1s for that matter- find them not very fruitful on sub and harsh on the tops-



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Not sure we have any part in this deal Dan but whatever, I would certainly recommend the use of the Ashly Protea 3:24CL crossover.


I've had no problems with any of the 3:24 (or the larger 4:24C) sold to date and they do exactly what's necessary at a very sensible price.

Sound quality is superb, they're extremely quiet and set-up is very straightforward.


Whatever crossover you decide to get "try before you buy" - be sure the item you invest in is right for the application.


If you need any further info' to make a decision please call (0845 644 2209).


Ken Hughes @ Shermann

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