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Chamsys - MacBook Pro (osx) - Enttec USB Pro


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Hello all


I have just purchased an Enttec DMX USB PRO - works a treat on my pc, and on XP running

in bootcamp on my Mac Book Pro.....


but I want it to work in Mac OSX, I have follow the info on installing driver for the Enttec and

have Magic Q intalled but the box doesn't seem to responed to the software...


Anybody have any luck, or have any tips, or maybe a step by step guide to installing under

mac osx with an Enttec USB Pro.





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The first thing to check is that the Enttec box and the Mac are connected correctly. Check in the system profiler on the Mac and ensure that there are no problems there.


If it is connected and the correct driver is installed, go into the SETUP window of MagicQ. Switch to the VIEW DMX I/O screen, and set the Status column for Universe 1 to Enabled, and the Out Type to Enttec Pro.




Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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This post was added to a similar topic recently:


Have you tried updating the actual Mac OS. I had trouble with some firewire audio interface and it worked after I updated the Mac OS X. Updating the drivers of the USB Dongle will help too. If you can't install it then, then speak to Enttec themselves and they will advise you.


Does that help?

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Just to reiterate,


One version of Mac OS X 10.4.x has problems with Firewire and USB connections, I have no idea why, but it can't do any harm to update your software via Apple Update.


I had the Behringer Firewire Audio Interface FCA202 that wasn't being recognised on Macs. It may have the same problem with other interfaces.





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