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Headphone Amp/Splitter

Steve Cavill

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Hi guys,


Now please excuse me if this sounds dumb and very "beginner", also please excuse me if this is in the wrong forum, its sound related, but also PC related.


Once I have completed the personal refurb on the control side of things for the lighting in the venue I work in, I will need to split an audio feed between 3, possibly 4 PC's/Laptops/Recording devices.


My question is: Would I be able to successfully do this with something like the Behringer HA8000 8ch Headphone Amp? I've chosen this, as I am impressed with the quality of Behringer, I've never had a Behringer product fail on me, and last but not least theyre cheap enough. Also, it allows for system expansion in the future, when I need to record to 2 different media's or supply audio to another area.


All guidance is greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,


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