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Gooseneck Lamp 4 pin XLR


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I have found a number of topics in BR on gooseneck lamps but none of them really helped.


I have recently aquired a Soundcraft Spirit Monitor 2. It has two 4 pin XLR sockets for gooseneck lamps. I have looked on the web and I'm having real difficulty finding a UK internet supplier that sells 4 pin lamps. There are plenty of sites selling 3 pin lamps but the 4 pins are lacking.


Does anyone know of where I can get some from?

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Another option of sorts..


Just swap out the 4pin XLRs on the desk/console for 3pins.. Most desks I've come across with 4pin XLRs for the desk lamp tend to just use standard size whole (D size IIRC) Neutrik connectors, so unless its a new desk and you don't want to void the warranty, might be easier to just swap them around.


Guess it's more of a solution for people who have plenty of desk lamps with 3pin connectors on, but still..



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