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Video Recorder - What Mic ?


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Good Morning -


The brief we have been given for our church is to do Vox Poll street interviews with the public for Easter.


We are using a common handheld hard disk camcorder. However we want to use a hand held mic for our audio input and the camcorder has a standard 3.5mm input.


I need a solution as to what make and model will do the job well. I am looking for a mic that will pick up speech at around chest level as I don't want to obscure the voice of the presenter or the interviewee. We have tried using the onboard video mic but the sound quality really doesn't cut it.


On a secondary note - is there a wireless system we could also invest in for our video work whic is battery operated. By that I mean the reciever unit is battery powered to enable us to do presenter style work - for example - presenter walking through busy street talking to camera - without the need for trailing wires everywhere.


many thanks



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On a secondary note - is there a wireless system we could also invest in for our video work whic is battery operated.
Yep, but tend not to be from the "cheaper" suppliers. Senheisser do a set, and I think Trantec do. If you want a really proper one have a look and see if Micron are still going (haven't seen any for some years)
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Sennheiser wireless kit: http://www.creativevideo.co.uk/public/product_images/04_03_2006sennheiser_ew-100-eng-small.jpg(Link)


Then get a Beyer M58 http://www.proav.co.uk/cache/m58_x150_y150_q88.jpg(Link) to go in the plug-in transmitter.


If the wireless kit is out of your budget then http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/product/513e22501e6f2e86f9f1b772b403dd73.jpg(Link) will do the job.


Important to note that the adaptor cable contains a capacitor to block DC from the camera/recorder.



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I have just bought a mic to deal with a very similar situation to what you describe. It was the same kind of idea videoing interviews with members of the public on the street to show in church. I had the extra fun that I live in Richmond which is under the flight path of Heathrow airport. So I had a noisy plane every 30 seconds to contend with :-)


I went for a Rode NTG2 shotgun mic. This allowed me to hold the mic out of shot while still picking up the interviewee. The reason I went for this as apposed to other more expensive shotgun mics was that the reviews where all fairly similar. I have to say I was very impressed with it. The final audio picked up the subject perfectly while reducing background noise and planes to a nice ambient level. You did have to be careful to point the mic at the subject though.


If you are filming outside then you will need to consider some kind of windshield. Rode produce a windshield called the Dead Cat to go with the NTG. I used this and it had a noticeable effect.


I also thought about getting a wireless system but found it far cheaper to hire a sound man for the day. All you do is place the recorder in the sound mans pocket and ask him to point the mic at the subject. The recorder is connected by a short lead to the mic to prevent it trailing on the floor. You may also need to look at pistol grips for the sound man to hold the mic with.


I have used wireless systems though before and would highly recommend the Sienhieser Evolution system already mentioned. I do not think this is strictly required for you application though.

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