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Solid state recorders


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Looks like my Tascam CD recorder has given up the ghost, so looking at replacement options. Given that my requirement now is to record and then post as MP3, CD now looks like an unneccessary middle-man, and solid state recording would be preferable.


The Marantz PMD560/570look neat but pricey - GBP350+.


Tascam HD-R1 - even more pricey


Did find The Rolls HR-73 as a US product for USD300, but can't find in the UK. Half rack, but doesn't seem to have a rack adapter.


And then there's the Gemini iKey Plus for just over GBP100. Looks like the right functionality, but not an easy fit in the rack. Wondered about picking up a 1u rack case and doing some butchering to make it all fit a bit more neatly.


Without going down the PC route, what are other people using? As it's all solid state, I still can't believe there isn't a Behringer cheapy - surely there's a huge church market for a simple flash recorder?

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A bit small maybe, but there is discussion of the Edirol and Zoom handhelds here. Clicky


Agreed, but I think there's a completely separate market for installed recorders, where the handhelds don't really cut the mustard.


Mainly it would be rackmounted, but the iKey looks like being a rare exception which still looks more like a fixed device than a portable one.

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