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Where To Buy SM58's

Ben Lawrance

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Afternoon All,


Need to buy a few more SM58's and wondered where the best place to buy them from.


The best price I have found at the mo is £69.95 inc vat.


I have looked at Studiospares but they are £69 ex vat.



Any suggestions greatfullt received.




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I think 70 quid inc VAT is about the best deal you'll get new, and used they're only about 20 quid cheaper. (I have a few I bought from eBay for about that and they're as good as new - useful to have as a utility mic).


While I was checking to see if I could find one cheaper I was suprised to find that Beta 57's are going for 100 quid inc VAT - they're a nice sounding mic for female vocals. If you do consider spending more look at the Audix vocal mics too - I used one for recording Longview and was very impressed.

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