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Merricks Sico Staging


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We have a few pieces of this staging in our local theatre, we have a big run of shows coming up soon which require a full stage, unfortunately we don't have enuf peices to make up the required staging. Does anyone know of any companys around Wales or the North of England which hire out this type of staging?




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The only one google give me is Peak Sound and Light.

try them? They are based in Cheltenham however, but may be your only hope, or be able to help.


Which type of Sico Staging is it?

Roll and Set?


2000 Series?


Peak advertise the 2000 series as merricks sico, but the only sico I know is the roll and set, and somehow I doubt it's that...

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This is a long-shot, but ... the students' union at Bangor University used to have (and perhaps still does have) a fairly large quantity of Sico staging. If they still have it, they might be willing to rent it to you. Having said that, though, I left there 16 years ago, and it wasn't in the best of conditions at that time, so it's quite possible that they've chucked it all into a skip since then ...
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