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Antari Smoke Machine Problem


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Hi all,


I have an Antari Z1200 smoke machine which has stopped working. It heats up ok but the pump doesnt seem to be working. I have opened up the machine and there are some air bubbles in the tube that goes from the bottle the fluid goes in to the pump. Could this be the problem?


If it is what is the best way to get the air bubbles out?


Someone did say it could also be resedue on the end of the tube that goes into the bottle, ive not had a chance to look at that yet as the smoke machine is looked away this week.


Any ideas or help greatly appreciated



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Air bubbles are not a problem, they wont stop the pump working. When you press the remote button, you should hear the pump operate - if it doesn't, it's probably siezed up or burnt out - not an uncommon fault.

Sometimes pump failure is caused by the heat block getting clogged up with smoke fluid residue, this happens steadily with all smoke machines over time if they are not regularly cleaned. (cleaning procedure varies with different manufacturers but one method is to replace smoke fluid with diluted spirit vinegar and run that through the machine - good ventilation essential, open air is best!!) Once the block is clogged, operating the pump can burn it out in a few seconds.

If it's under warranty, send it back for repair. If not, unless you know a cheap repairer, it's probably not going to be economic to fix as replacements are pretty cheap. Ensure the replacement has a 3-year warranty.

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