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Retrofitting flys


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Hey all -


I have a venue with 3 movable bars (which are used as LX bars), everything else is dead hung - it was designed by geniuses :nerd:. The bars are on winches, and all three winches are nearly dead. We hang a fair bit off of these bars sometimes - We have an estimated load of 450kg on these bars once every 4 weeks on average (these bars have been rated to 500)


450kg on the winches though is almost enough to give the person taking them up a heart attack. So we are looking into the motorised route. There is no room to put in "proper" motorised hoists, so the smaller, retro fit kind is about the only way.


The two I have looked at are the Acta 20 - which does not have the SWL available, and their brochure does not seem to mention whether they can be used in tandem to allow a higher SWL - and the Nivoflex tubular shaft hoist, which has the required SWL.


If anyone has any experience with either of these systems, or can recommend another, I would love to hear about it.

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