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Jem Fogger


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I have a Jem Fogger, which is a brilliant, powerful machine, albeit a bit on the older side.


I have just put a socket on so the remote is removable, rather than hard wired, and wondered if there is a way of putting a single push button on the unit, so it will work without the remote, We use it in theatre, and quite often do a quick walkaround, fogging as we go before tabs open, which would be easier with a single push button.


The remote doesnt seem to just have a direct link of the button to unit to make it fog, it goes via a variable resistor, to control the output.

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Theres no model number or anything on it,


it Just Says, Jem Fogger, and on the tech plate, Jem Portable Fog Generator, 1000W power, 230V etc.


Its a big blue one!! the remote was hard wired in, remote a small blue box, green ready, red heating LED, smoke volume pot, and fog button.


The whole thing is a touch longer than a martin junior.


The pump is 230V, no markings on the PCB, other than JEM.

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