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Headphone/Audio Distribution System


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We have the furman 6 way monitor system and would like to up grade this, Our problem is we need 10 ways or more in shows we do. Ive been told the 16 way furman is not ROHOS compliant (not sure what this means), so we carnt use this :P


Anybody know of anything we could get in this kind of own monitor mixing for the pit, As I said it needs to be 10 or more ways if possible.




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I did all the design and production engineering work for the Nemesis FBS1000 8 channel stereo foldback system that was marketed by the now defunct Shep Associatesd Ltd. The major opposition was a company called Formula Sound.


Regarding RoHS, this is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It is a requirement that electronic products sold as new must now no longer contain lead (and numerous other chemicals / minerals) that are deemed to be hazardous. RoHS regulations have been in force since mid-2006. There is no reason why you cannot use the Furman, but if the components/manufacturing processes are not RoHS compliant you cannot buy the product as new.



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Possibly the simplest way is to purchase a cheap mixer for each Musician - which will have a Headphone output - and feed it at line level with the desired number of foldback feeds.


Each listener can then select his own desired mix - and set the 'phones level as required.


In a perfect world you might need to use a Distribution amplifier - but a decent line output from a mixer will drive 10 paralleled mixer inputs OK.

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