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Zoom Vayron Laser


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Hi all,


Got a job coming up which includes a DMX laser - Zoom Vayron X100RG. Trying to get ahead of myself and make up a fat frog fixture for it but I can't find the DMX spec for it anywhere on the web. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the Vayron manual (or know where I might be able to find an electronic copy?)


Cheers in advance

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Thanks Kevin - finally got a similar manual from a different unit:


For anyone that may be searching and needs the info its a 7 channel laser:


Ch 1: Mode (1-10 B/O, 11-120 Dynamic Effects, 121-250 Static effects, 251-255 Sound Activated)

Ch 2: Pattern Select

Ch 3: X Position

Ch 4: Y Position

Ch 5: Dot Scan Speed (0 - Fast, 255 - Slow)

Ch 6: Dynamic Pattern Speed (0 - Fast, 255 - Slow)

Ch 7: Static Pattern Size (0 - Small, 255 - Big)

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