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RS232 Control Software for Barco 6300-series


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Hi chaps,


I'm on the search for the software package from Barco that would enable you control a complete system of 6000-series projectors from a pc via the serial port. It looks as though the Barco part number is R9829670.


The Barco website doesn't seem to have software packages for discontinued projectors (certainly not in the public area I can search). I have put a request in with the Technical Support department but, again, the chap I spoke to didn't seem to be able to locate anything on discontinued items!


The Barco chap has promised to investigate further, but I thought I'd ask here as well, just in case anyone had a copy on their laptop and was able to send it to me. I'm presuming from the fact that all the current software packages are on the website that there is no copyright\charging issue.


Hope someone out there can help!



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