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Star Cloth Rental


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Impact Productions & SSLD both stock the ShowLED range of starcloth.. notably the best/easiest to use S/cloth around ATM. Either company'll do you the stuff as dry or wet hire.. just depends on your requirements and budget.


Websites for both are easily found with the aid of Google, I'd recommend giving both of them an email, see what sort of price's they each come up with. I'd happily recommend either company having hired from both in the past with good results on all occasions.





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As said in a previous post, Acre Jean are a great place to contact. Based just South of Wandsworth Town, London, they can certainly meet the requirements of the larger-scale events, if that is what you are planning.


Failing that, and perhaps if your needs are smaller, try S&H.


I think their homepage says it all ;)



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