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Touring Abroad

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Hello everyone.


Currently planning a small tour (1 performer, 3 crew, director) touring Wales, Ireland and France over a month later in the year.


Just putting together the details now and looking for advice on touring abroad. Specifically any suggestions and key differences or things to be aware of when abroad.


Got the key things like power, travel and accommodation sussed fine but currently looking to see what I've not thought of (haven't toured abroad before). Struggling a bit on:


- Irish/ French music rights /PRS equivalent

- Driving regulations/ licences etc (planning on either a van and car or 4x4 and trailer)

- Health cover etc

- Insurance to cover kit and crew while on tour.


Any suggestions, experience, thoughts most appreciated.



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In France you could do with an EHIC if you wish to take advantage of free or reduced cost medical treatment. It can get a bit complicated as you often need to pay the full amount for things then claim back a partial refund. See here for details.


In Ireland all emergency treatment should be free, simply tell the doctor you wish to be treated under the EU social security scheme. Proof of nationality may be requested however a passport or driving license would be fine.

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