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T.Bone IEM


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They work fine, the only complaint I'd have with them is they aren't the loudest things in the world. You certainly need decent plugs to go with them as they do lack a bit of headroom if you don't have the "in ear" type plugs.


Great for the money though. Not too battery thirsty either. Happy to do 2 shows on a set for my band and I'm sure they'd be happy for a couple more, although I replace them each show if it's with anyone else as that's my policy.


if you're close by come and have a listen.



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I use a pair of the EP4's which are only about £35. A bargain compared to many out there. Probably not the best on the market but they do a good job.


and Yes, they are stereo units. However, they are unsuitable to run 2 x mono mixes, adapting the outputs from 2 receivers for 1 to take left and 1 to take right. I was asked this before, and I think the seperation between left and right isn't great.

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