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Zero 88 Alcora Problem


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Hi there,


I'm having a problem with a Zero 88 Alcora (MK1), from my understanding no one had touched it or dropped it, however I can't quite be sure.


But basically, I had set it up in a hall in my school on Friday night, everything was working then, but when I came in on Saturday the desk now simply flashes at me. All the buttons with LEDs under them flash, along with the small display which simply flashes "88". Along with this, the output (DMX) is also flashing on and off.


I'm guessing that this is a power supply problem, however if you have any more ideas for the cause of this, I would be most grateful.







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Hi Johnnie,


I've had a couple of Alcora MK1s and never had that happen.


On mine the DMX led always blinked and the display (not the button leds) only flashed if the memory ever got near full and I never actually filled it.


Have you tried going into super user mode, clearing the memories and re-setting the defaults. (Manual downloadable from Zero88 if you don't have one)


You could try the Zero88 Forums to see if there is an answer there or post your query.

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From what you have described with the LED simply blinking on and off it does sound like it is having problems initialising the processor.


There are a couple of reasons that this could be due to a problem with the

That could be to do with the supply level not being quite enough to power everything up fully.

It may also be a problem with the actual processor or associated circuits, crystal ETC.


How cold did it get in the hall over night, and was there any chance of condensation build up. If the desk has got a little damp this could also cause contact problem on some of the components, especially IC, connections.

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