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About a bungee dancing


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Dear Blueroom technician,


I need to do a piece of dancing about the dancers dance with the bungee.

The dancers need to do some movement like sinking in the sea with the storm.(it is the feeling)

I want to know which company can I get some safe bungee (about 10mm) with certification.

(try to give me some suggestion about getting bungee.


Secondly, I have a big problem to make the termination of bungee.

What gear can help me or the bungee company can make for me....

Please help me.


Here is my e-mail

cheukmingku (at) yahoo.com

for giving me the information.

Thanks a lot.


Jimmy KuMing

17 Jan 2008

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Would the people who run this jump be able to help?

what this jump mean?

you mean jump to catch the bungee point or....use the bungee to jump...

the gripping point of bungee will be about 2300mm and the dancers will use the jump or maybe...some falling movement....

is that what you need to know??

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I doubt it very much. Most of the people on here are Technicians, not dancers! And air work with a bungee is very specialised.


You could try and find an Aerial dancer to offer advice and probably some form of training.


Try checking out www.Aerialdance.co.uk I have seen some of their work, quite impressive.


Although I realise it may not be a huge help... they are based in scotland... long way from you!

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Thanks for your help first.

I am not a dancer too.

I know the bungee rigging is very specialized.

And I never rig that before.

So, I want to ask here some experienced technician who did handle the bungee rigging before.

And do it in safety way.

um.....I wish some one can tell me how to handle the good terminatio[/size]n in bungee and where to buy the good quality bungee and I can ship to hong kong if I know that.


Moderation: Font size restored - people have tried to help, and their comments are all valid. Since we started the forum, none of our members have ever given advice on the methods of terminating bungee. I also suspect that if somebody I didn't know did give me advice I would have to assume that I'd need to still contact specialists.


We have made it quite clear that we can't at the moment offer any advice apart from - contact a specialist in your own country, or seek out such a person by a recommendation from someone who really knows.


Over here - aerialist activities are not setup and run by people like us - it is a different set of skills.


I'm sorry we can't give you what you need.




Your college are quite well known over here, frequenctly recruiting staff from the UK, and you have some of the best lighting designers attached to the centre - do you not have any aerialists in the building?

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