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Lite-Putter Dimmers opinions?


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I am looking for any opinions on Lite-Putter dimmers (DX-610 more specifically) and how they compare to anything else at there end of there market? Any stories (good or bad) from anyone who's used them?


Have looked around the internet a little and not really found any comments ether way about them.





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We've sent quite a few into installations, and keep a couple in hire stock, although we tend to use more of the 4 channel packs.


I've been happy enough with them, no problems that I can remember. They seem to sit nicely in the market between people like Zero 88 and the real cheap stuff from Soundlab etc.


I had a good look at a couple of DX-610s recently before we sent them off to a customer. Very good features-wise, and seem to be robust and well thought out. No complaints for the customers yet either. They were replacing a couple of Behringer packs which had failed and very pleased with them.

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