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Costs for your Venue


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Hello All,

Been asked to revise our costs sheets for the venue, the costs at the minute are token payments with the venue hire. We charge £150 for lights (lots of parcans and moving lights, 2 guys to sort it all day), £100 for projectors (that we set up and operate).


The thing is I inherited the costs with the post, I now need to write a comprehensive list and start charging, I always asumed that the inhouse production helped us get the shows at the 1000 people capacity kind of show, we're talking live music, so we make money in other areas like the bar.


I've asked the promoters I work with what every other venue charges but there gonna have there own interest at heart and tell me that there all free at every other venue.


So what do people charge ? How much ? and for what for ? I know some people charge for taking there gear out and putting it in and not just the hire.


Before people moan and gripe, I'm not trying to undercut people and tout for business, infact its the opposite I'm gonna start charging more for lots of things and start charging for things that I never charged for before hopefully.


Have a look at www.wolvescivic.co.uk it will give you an idea of our programme.


Cheers in advance


Andi Lycett

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I once did a cost sheet for equipment use in a music venue. I found out what it would cost to hire <the thing(s)> over a very long period. Divide that by the number of times you would expect to them over that time & add any extra staffing involved with their use.

The figures I produced were not published, but used as a guide by the boss when putting together an overall price.

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Hi Andi, hope you're well.


Wow, prices are cheap at present!


As has already been suggested, I try to work everything to 4 - 5% of the replacement cost for dry hire. I suppose you could offer a standard par can rig at a fixed price, maybe £300.00 including board op, then add packages of maybe four or eight movers. Not sure on the usual venue charge for in house technicians, but I find the general amount offered for general freelance crew work is £150.00 per day, so you should be at least matching that.




Jamie Whitehouse

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My own venue, for a dry hire include all stage lighting, sound, follow spots and stage door in the charge. Only extras are for things like radio mics, extra staff over the 4 (sound,lx, stage x2) normally included. If they want extra staff, or extra kit or anything that has to be brought in, then it is an extra. As a non-TMA venue, the hire price is a lot lower than similar size places. If they want to run their own ticket system rather than the usual box office, then again, they'll get a discount. The majority of the LX and all the sound is hired in and doesn't belong to the venue, but the hire charge is covered by the venue hire charge to the user. It's a little awkward, but works.


The hire charge for the audio and lx used to be contra'd on to the production companies, but this became difficult when some wouldn't pay - saying they'd bring their own in - meaning, of course extra unrecoverable work removing ours, then putting it back again. This was resolved with an adjustment to the split arranged with the agent, which disguised the hidden hire costs.

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Pretty much exactly the same as Paul. We include all stage lighting and sound free but recharge for anything hired in (like radio mics or moving lights). We provide 1 technician with hires and 2 technicians for contracted artistes (i.e. we booked them rather than them hiring the venue). Other crew are charged at £15 per hour (thus over a 10 hour day that equates to £150 per day as quoted above). Our hire charge for the venue includes 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week of technician's time and extra hours worked are recharged.


We can provide tickets in which case there is a charge per set of tickets required then we take a percentage of every ticket we sell ourselves. Cheapest for the hirer, then, is to do their own tickets and sell them themselves. However, the cost of a set of tickets from us may well be less than the cost of them having tickets produced by a printer's.


We take 10% commission if artistes sell their own merchandise at the venue and 15% if we sell merch on their behalf (e.g. programmes and/or CDs).


If they are performing music then we re-charge them the PRS fee that we have to pay.


Hope that helps.

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My local venue, a 900ish seater 'multi-purpose' venue costs £1000+VAT a day (Was £650+VAT, prices have gone up this year).


That includes lighting and op., FOH staff, and bar staff. All takings from the bar and refreshments goes to the venue. Not sure about sound, as the only times I've had anything to do with the organisation of an even there we've had an external hire company providing all the equipment and ops.


There is a discount if you the venue staff aren't operating lighting, and a discount if you provide FOH staff, however, they always have at least three of their own staff working FOH, plus their own bar and refreshment staff.

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There is a massive difference in price between venues. A venue I am working in at the end of this month wants £450 for use of a projector, £100 for the screen and £275 for someone to plug YOUR laptop in. Why things are priced separately I don't know as if you use the projector you have to use their screen, and if you use either you have to have someone operating it.


Nothing requires rigging, it is already fastened to the lx bar and the screen drops by remote control. needless to say I'm supplying a projector, and screen, and rigging it (not me personally) for very little over the price of their screen.


We also have to take our own ladder and tower as the one sitting back stage we are not allowed to use. Their limited lighting rig, perhaps 20 fixtures is £2000 for the day including op. And their sound system...with drivers physically missing from boxes is a further £2500 IIRC


Needless to say we got the job of taking everything in rather than going in house.


It's only 300 people.



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