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Working with a Diablo


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I recently brought the unit second hand from AC Lighting and I'm attemping to use it with some Mini Macs. I know how to patch and get them all communicating but I just can't seem to get them working with movement effects or running multiple submasters, if thats possible.


I'm also looking for the latest firmware of the desk if anyone can direct me to it as mine is currently the very first firmware when the desk was made.


Please, Please, Please...any words of advice to get it working correctly would be great.


Plus...Whats the best setting for moving head desks - LTP or HTP?







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Plus...Whats the best setting for moving heads - LTP OR HTP?
Erm.. a mix of both.. depends on the function of each channel.


P & T for example want to be LTP, while dimmer should be HTP.


Perhaps being that you can only patch all fixture channels as one or the other, is the reason I've heard so many people complain about the desks? HTP is horrible for P&T, while LTP isn't exactly great for dimmer functions..


Never used one myself with the sub master issue's. I'd have thought any desk worth its salt could run multiple subs though.



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