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3 up Projection


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Hi, I help run a school theatre with a few friends and we have a big production coming up.

We've been asked if we can use projectors to project 3 items at once (a mixture of video

and photo) and at one point, form 1 big image.

We have already decided where we need to put the projectors, but we are faced

with the issue of how do we are going to cue the footage/photos, how we are going

to make the big image and how we can remotely blank the projector screens.


Can anyone offer some help?

Much appreciated

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Are you front or rear projecting? Also, what are you projecting onto and when you are not projecting, will there be actors in the space where the projection was?

In terms of blanking the projector, DMX controllable shutters are great but are expensive to buy - do you have a hire budget? Failing that, carboard and string never hurt anyones pockets, just their time and patience! I find that using the projectors 'blank screen' option is useless, especially when you are using rear projection or actors will be in the way (hence the above questions)




Ps-I'm curious; did you use an iPod touch or an iPhone to type that OP, as I have similar problems with it randomly creating one word lines???


Edit: spelling error

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Ignore that Ps - Having looked at the OP on a laptop it's obviously the way my ipod puts the text...silly me :) sorry

No, we're front projecting. The aim is to have a cyclorama at the back of the stage onto which we will use a projector which we already have and use frequently. Secondly, there are 2 perches we will project from onto a special material which can be stretched (I think). I favour the blank option because usually on projectors with built in networking, the blank function can be accessed via inbuilt web server. We are already getting in/borrowing some computers. We can hire stuff in, but I'm not too sure of the budget. Actors will be filling all of the stage, I'm fairly certain. I've worked with projectors a lot, but nothing in this big before. Also, when blanking the projector, you avoid the 'wipe across' effect you would otherwise get if you were using covers. My main concern with the string and card thing is that, not only will it be visible, but it will be almost impossible to control, as the perches are highly visible to the audience.


Many Thanks


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1st of all do not use string and cardboard !!!!


we do multi projector installs quite often


we spread video across projectors and we have super wide screens from 12x 4.6 ft. upwards



we use software that gives us complete live control of video in

a 3d space across up to 12 projectors including black out

it's also midi/DMX controllable

it can do up to 12 layers of stills, text and video with fx


are you planning

1 1 huge wide screen or 3 separate screens


1 screen will mean you will need to 'softedge' the projectors to get the image looking right

or you will get a halo of light where the projectors join.

you will need to hire projectors that have this function



Separate screens is easier, cheaper, far less aggravation and often more effective


multiple projectors on one screen is the kind of job that usually costs 1,000's and is usually left in the domain

of serious pro's.


we can do this for you, a lot less than 1,000's. Do you have a budget for video?



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