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Followspot Hire in York


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Hi Guys,


I need to hire two followspots for a week in York, starting tuesday 15/01/08, last night is saturday 19/01/08.


throw is about 15-20m, ideally quieter balasts, and ideally I'd need delivery


Can anyone recommend anyone? there isn't a great budget


quotes gladly accepted via PM



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I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank YSL for saving the day by providing us with some stands suitable for the followspots at v. short notice.


the followspots (hired from a previously mentioned York based company) were unfortunately supplied with powerdrive stands which stood over 6 foot tall, and weren't suitable for their intended purpose. YSL took alot of the ensuing headache away for me and I'd like to thank them for that!!!


I won't be using the other company again.

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