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pixel to DMX?


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Just been looking at this http://www.mikontalolights.fi/en/ and got me

thinking, is there any software where you can map very low res images to DMX channels, or even

output the values to recreate the images as show in the video. I've done a quick search but haven't being able to

find any form of software/ hardware interfaces.





[video. jpg, gif atc..) pixel-1 -----Intensity; color; (RGB?) = Clever software hardware interface =(DMX) Ch1@100; Ch2@64; Ch3@78; Ch4@41


and so on and so on....You get the idea.


I have no need for this but just thought id see if anyone knew of anything available for future reference ;-)




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Hi Andy,


You can do this using our MagicQ software (free and fully functioning download on our website!) using the inbuilt pixel mapping. At present we support the mapping of jpg and bmp images onto an LED wall/grid/whatever shape you create and in the next couple of months we are planning on implementing video support.


Any more questions, please feel free to ask!




Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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You might also want to look at Light Factory, distributed in Europe by Zero 88, which supports Image & Video > DMX (not just RGB, also intensity of dimmers or CMY fixtures) with motion paths. The video can be from a stored file (flash, AVI, etc) or a live video capture card / webcam. It's pretty funky, and it really does work :stagecrew: There is a demo version on the Zero 88 website.
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